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As Connie

All have excellent voices which could bounce off the rear wall of the theater, but it's Lounsbury, the chubbiest of the lot, who hits the high note with her “Funny Girl”-inspired tribute to fat ladies. Also memorable is McDonald's chocolate nightmare in which she's tempted by a variety of sweets.


- Tom Titus- LA Times


As Rosie

"Robin Lounsbury as the more down-to-earth Rosie ... the most heartwarming is the one (relationship) that develops between Rosie and the adventurous Australian, Bill (Jeff Williams)"

-Aileen Jacobson, New York Times


"Notable performances are made by both of Donna's girlfriends Tanya and Rosie."

-Claudia D. Wheeler, Village Tattler

"Tickles the audience's funny bone to the max in her duet with Bill (Jeff Williams)." 

  -Elise Pearlman, Long Island Press


"Lounsbury as Rosie is funny and delightfully carefree, especially during the number "Take a Chance on Me" where she playfully lets one of Donna's former lovers, Bill know exactly how she feels."

-Rita J. Egan, Times Beacon Record

"Heather Patterson King and Robin Lounsbury are very funny as Donna’s best friends Tanya and Rosie."  

-Kristen Weyer, New York Theatre Guide

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